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BRH – Worker Support Payments

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The NSW Government has made available support for eligible timber industry workers that have been made redundant by Blue Ridge Hardwoods (BRH). The support is in response to BRH not securing a future wood supply agreement and ceasing operations. For BRH workers that have been made redundant, support is designed to assist with their transition.

Each eligible BRH worker will receive up to $150,000 for the purposes of:

  • Direct financial assistance
  • Training
  • Relocation
  • Professional financial advice

The combination will be determined by each eligible worker.

Full time workers will be eligible to receive $150,000. Part-time workers will receive support on a pro rata basis.

To be eligible, you must:

  • have a valid redundancy notice from BRH
  • not be engaged in ongoing full time work at the time you qualify for support 
  • have submitted this form prior to the end of your qualifying period.^

Qualifying period: is the period of time for which you received a redundancy payment. For example if you received a redundancy payment of 10 weeks, then your qualifying period is 10 weeks from your last day of duty with BRH.

Assistance with this application: To help you to make decisions on the structure of your support, register for a two-hour consultation with a qualified tax or financial advisor to determine how your payment may be structured. The NSW Government will pay the costs of this advice on your behalf. You can choose between one of four providers: